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Pre prosthetic surgery in Auburn, Federal Way, Renton, Maple Valley, Puyallup, WA

Pre-Prosthetic Surgery

Prepare Your Mouth for Comfortable & Secure Dentures

Some patients choose to replace their missing teeth with full or partial dentures, but sometimes a patient’s mouth cannot properly support a fitted denture. Many factors can cause the jaw bone and gum tissue to change shape over time, making it difficult to fit a denture comfortably and securely. Fortunately, the oral surgery team at Pacific Northwest Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons can perform a variety of pre-prosthetic surgical procedures to prepare your mouth for dentures.

Why Do Dentures Fit Poorly?

A variety of different factors can lead to an ill-fitting or unstable denture. In some cases, the alveolar ridge, or the bone that holds the teeth, is the wrong shape due to bone deterioration or genetic factors. In other instances, the jaw itself requires reshaping or there is an excess of gum tissue. Whatever the reason for your pre-prosthetic surgery, our oral surgeons will do everything possible to improve the fit of your denture and maximize your comfort.

Types of Pre-Prosthetic Surgery

Just as there are many reasons for a denture or partial denture to fit poorly, there are also many different types of pre-prosthetic surgery. Your procedure will depend on your specific needs and the condition of your mouth.

During your first visit, you will meet with one of our oral surgeons who will take 3D scans of your mouth. We want patients to feel comfortable during any type of procedure and offer several anesthesia options to choose from, so you can feel at ease during treatment. After we’ve evaluated your oral health and condition, our experts will design a treatment plan that’s specific to you and your needs.

One or more of the following methods may be used to improve the fit of your dentures:

  • Removal of excess gum or soft tissue
  • Alveolar ridge or bone tissue reduction
  • Jaw bone smoothing or reshaping
  • Soft tissue or bone grafting procedures

A Durable Alternative to Dentures

Removable dentures must be taken out during regular eating and cleaning. They provide the cosmetic benefits of having a complete smile, but must be replaced every few years due to wear and tear. Smile Complete Full-arch restoration is a secure solution to missing teeth that leaves patients with a brand new, fully functioning smile. We use dental implants to secure a fixed denture. If you’re interested in long-lasting tooth replacement options, contact our office or ask your oral surgeon during the consultation.

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