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Anesthesia Options

Safe Options To Help You Feel at Ease

At Pacific Northwest Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons, your comfort and safety as a patient are our top priorities. To become oral and maxillofacial surgeons, Dr. Carl Johnson, Dr. Ben Johnson, Dr. Sohaib Soliman, Dr. Hwi Sean Moon, and Dr. Kevin Huang underwent extensive training in the safe administration of anesthesia. Oral surgeons must obtain the highest licensure available to dental professionals for anesthesia administration. Additionally, our surgical suites at all five of our locations are equipped with the most advanced monitoring equipment to ensure your safety.

General anesthesia is typically reserved for more complex procedures that must be performed as inpatient surgery, such as orthognathic surgery. If you have any questions about the anesthesia options available at our practice, contact one of our offices today for more information.

Types of Anesthesia

There are three main types of anesthesia that we use at our practice:

EXPAREL® for Powerful Pain Control After Surgery

The rate of addiction and overdose deaths related to prescribed opioid-based medications is steadily rising in the United States, and the team at Pacific Northwest Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons is committed to helping solve this problem. We provide the highest level of patient-centered care at our practice, and to reflect this, our oral surgeons offer EXPAREL in our surgical treatment plans.

EXPAREL is administered by your oral surgeon directly to your surgical site while you are still under anesthesia and safely reduces your post-surgical pain for 3-4 days. The widespread use of EXPAREL in the oral surgery community is effectively heading off opioid misuse, addiction, and side effects before they have a chance to begin. Learn more about EXPAREL on the official EXPAREL website.

If you decide to choose EXPAREL as part of your surgical treatment plan, you will experience these benefits:

  • There is no risk of opioid dependence and withdrawal because EXPAREL is not a narcotic medication.
  • Postpone or even eliminate the need to fill prescription narcotic pain medications to manage post-surgical discomfort.
  • There is no gap in pain control after surgery because one dose of this sustained-release medication applied during your surgery will already be controlling any post-operative discomfort before your anesthesia wears off.

Our practice uses EXPAREL because we want to protect our patients from the risks and side effects of narcotic prescriptions, and we also want to help our patients experience the smoothest recoveries possible with the least amount of discomfort. Ask your oral surgeon about EXPAREL during your consultation.

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