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Meet Jessica

Video Review

I was very nervous.

Jessica had oral surgery at Pacific Northwest Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons

Jessica's Story

"I needed to get my wisdom teeth taken out, and I heard this was a good place to go, so I decided to come here. I was very nervous before coming in just because of the anesthesia, and after the experience, I realized it really wasn't scary at all. The staff was really nice because they would tell me everything they were doing, like when I was getting the IV put into my arm, she just talked me through the whole process, which actually made it really nice and calming for me. The surgery went very well. The healing process was really quick. I was never in a lot of pain, never had to take my actual pain pills or anything. Carl Johnson was a cool guy. I definitely had a good experience here. This was just the best place I think you could get your wisdom teeth taken out because it was just so easy and nice."

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