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Meet Dr. Rosengren

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When our patients come back, they have good experiences.

Dr. Rosengren refers his patients to Pacific Northwest Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons

Dr. Rosengren's Story

"We refer to Pacific Northwest frequently because they're well trained, they've got a good staff, they're courteous, they're friendly. When our patients come back, they have good experiences. They'll talk about how friendly the staff is; they'll talk about how quickly the healing went. Oftentimes, we see very good results clinically as far as healing times. Some of the techniques that they use are cutting edge. They're very good; they've got the equipment, they've got the training to make sure that we get good results for our patients. It's like referring family, and in fact, we do refer family to Dr. Johnson on occasion because we get such good service. We hope to continue referring patients to Pacific Northwest for a long, long time."

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