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Meet Michael

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It's a wonderful place.

Michael had oral surgery at Pacific Northwest Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons

Michael's Story

"Pretty much constantly, I was in pain. I had worn my teeth out completely. The lowers were just right down to the gum line; there was a lot of things I couldn't chew on. I wouldn't eat anything that was tough unless it was put through a blender. And I had been in to see Dr. Johnson before, so I knew him, and I just thought, well, what better way to get something done than to come to somebody I knew. He's great. He's got the staff and all of the experts here right here with him right now to do this. It's a wonderful place. I've been treated very, very warmly here. If somebody needs to have this procedure done — oh, man! — it's just absolutely the best thing I had done in years and years, and I would recommend it being done, and I can't think of anybody any better than Dr. Johnson's practice here to do it."

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